Alberta and Its Trees

Our province is home to an incredible variety of trees and shrubs. If you’re looking to add some new trees or shrubs to your property, you have no shortage of options. But before you begin, it’s important to understand the basics of what can grow and thrive in Alberta and why.

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Tree Maintenance: From Watering to Root Fertilization to Hazardous Trees

So you’ve got a tree on your property. It looks great, it provides shade, but what do you do with it? How do you care for it? If you ignore it, what will happen?

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Christmas Light Installation

The holiday season is all about giving, sharing and goodwill toward your neighbour.
Who are we kidding? It’s about outdoing everyone in your neighbourhood with a Christmas light display so bright, they’ll need welding goggles to look at it.

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Unpopular Poplar – Removing 100 Ft High Canker

On September 14, we removed two of the largest poplar trees in Edmonton. Both were 100 feet and each was infected with a fungus called Hypoxylon Canker – a disease that attacks weaknesses in trees.

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Arborman? No…Arbor-MACHINE!

One of the new additions to Got Stump Inc. in 2017 is our Teupen TC-69A spider lift, and we are super excited about this little beast of a machine.

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