October 14th, 2015

Tree removal and tree pruning can appear to some to be simple, no-brainer tasks. However, it's well worth a homeowner's time and effort to be educated on the subject. Not only are there major differences between a weekend warrior and a highly skilled arborist, there are also big differences among Edmonton arborists. Since 2004, we have served many tree companies through our stump grinding service. This experience has given us a solid foundation on which to build our tree removal and pruning services.

Tree trunk being cut with chainsaw

How to Protect Yourself

Some customers only want to find the cheapest tree services company, which is a very risky road to travel down. Companies whose sole value is being cheap generally have very little invested in their training, equipment, insurance, WCB, etc. In other words, these tree service companies / individuals may have no accountability to you, the customer. Should something happen on your property, can you be sure you will see them again? Tree service providers such as these are mostly found on free advertising websites such as Kijiji, Craigslist, etc.

Another common mistake is to seek out a certified arborist, assuming he/she is an experienced, well-trained tree service technician. These are two completely different skill sets, and hiring someone who is only an arborist can mean a disaster for your tree.

Finally, some customers seek out the larger franchise companies, thinking that bigger must be better. Long wait times, high employee turnover, and impersonal service can all be symptomatic of larger companies.

What Customers Should Look For

One of the questions we frequently get asked: "Do you have a bucket truck?" Instead, we wish people would ask us "Do you have a climber?"

A skilled climber who can climb a tree safely and lower limbs down to the ground properly with roping and rigging techniques, is far more versatile than any equipment. With a bucket truck or lift, any lesser experienced person could be sent to cut your trees. And, what if the tree can't be accessed by bucket truck? You would need climber!

The problem is, an arborist with significant climbing skill is incredibly rare. In fact, it has taken us two years to find people with the proper skill sets that meet our criteria for qualified climbers / arborists. Currently, we have two climbers and will soon have four.

Experience, Not Certificates
Having a crew with significant experience is also important. Knowing where to make a cut, how much to remove, and which tools to use ensures the most beautiful pruning jobs and the safest tree removal. One of our best pruners has over 12 years of experience.

In addition, a well-experienced crew is a safe crew. Those on the ground spot the climbing arborist and watch the work zone to ensure public safety.

The Human Touch
Our tree services team not only gets along, but they love what they do and they love interacting with our customers. We receive frequent comments like: "...the lovely Julia", "...Hector the human bucket truck", and "...well-spoken and knowledgable Paul." Encouraging such culture, even the company CEO shows up with frapuccino on a hot day, brings the crew lunch, and even works with the crew to see how well things are working. Who knows! You may have an undercover boss on your tree service project!

Albeit extremely rare for us, sometimes things go wrong. It happens because trees can be unpredictable. Although we minimize every risk, there can still be small events: a flattened drain spout, a nick in a fence, or a squashed shrub. In such circumstances, our policy is to fix it at our expense.

Furthering this, we are members of the Better Business Bureau and allow for customers to review us online through our Google Places reviews. We love to provide great service and have no issue with putting ourselves out there. We have nothing to hide and are open to resolving any issue a customer may have.


For us, providing top-quality tree services in Edmonton is about not only fair prices, but relationships with our customers, providing them with years of reliable service that they can recommend to friends and family, all the while enjoying ourselves while we beautify the trees in your yard.

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