October 2nd, 2017

One of the new additions to Got Stump Inc. in 2017 is our Teupen TC-69A spider lift, and we are super excited about this little beast of a machine.

Would you believe it if we told you this lift reaches up to 75 feet, is under 40 inches wide, and operates under remote control? Sounds a bit too good to be true, yet here it is. It’s also only one of three Teupen lifts in Alberta, and this baby is the only lift that is specifically designed for tree work.

Teupen TC-69A Spider Lift

Being an arborman (wait, that’s arbor-PERSON – have you met Keryl?) in Edmonton presents two challenges. Dead trees can’t be climbed, unless of course you have a keen interest on having Employment Insurance as your main source of income for the remainder of your life. The second issue in tree services is that the most common “cheat” tool available to the typical Alberta arborist is the infamous bucket truck. Ugh. Not for us! But hey…maybe you have no fence and enjoy big tire tracks across your lawn. We don’t judge you.

But for those that want the best, Got Stump Inc. thought there was a much smarter way to do things.

That’s why we invested in this jewel of a lift. The tracks that virtually eliminate turf disturbance. Its skinny-mini profile that squeezes through a standard gate. Its remote control that allows us to walk around 360 degrees and spot any issues. Both the vertical and horizontal reach are second to none. And should you have a hankering to put a mini-fridge in the basket, it has 120-volt power up there too. Bottoms up!

Teupen TC-69A Spider Lift

For true arborcare of the trees on your property, the spider lift allows Got Stump Inc. to maneuver in and around your most precious legacy trees to give them the love they deserve. No more paying for half-stumped pruning jobs from the ground. No need to remove your fence so a three-ton truck can drive over your precious garden gnomes and lazy tabby cat.

And in case you are wondering, yes, we did splurge a little and had the lift painted in “Angry Stump Orange” – the official colour of Got Stump Inc. You’re welcome.

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