October 2nd, 2017

Don’t let Baraquiel’s infectious smile and shorter stature mislead you. Bar none, he is the fastest climber we have ever seen, stunning even our own experienced arborists on staff. Even before the crew has had a chance to step into all their safety gear and grease up the tree chipper for the day, you will find Baraquiel at the top of a tree canopy ready to make his first cut. He brings with him a wealth of experience from working with tree companies right across this North American continent. This experience and knowledge is passed down to our new Canadian arborists in training.

Baraquiel Morales

It’s amazing to watch his techniques. He has methods of rigging multiple limbs to the ground at high speed, in complete safety, using techniques we have not seen around these parts.

Baraquiel is also an expert in using man-lifts for arborist work. Here at Got Stump Inc., he had no problem quickly learning the ins and outs of our new Teupen TC69A spider lift, which has a 75-foot vertical reach. Now, you might think that the lift would be a faster way to the top – but you would guess wrong. Just as Paul Bunyan outpaced the rock-boring machine in the classic story, Baraquiel can easily out pace any lift – and, we believe, any other Alberta arborist…maybe even any other Canadian climber!

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