July 28th, 2016

Storms have a way of separating the strong trees from the weak ones. We were recently called to two customer homes for Emergency Services: one tree was struck by lightning, and the other one snapped and fell across a customer's driveway.

Mayday trees are common in the Edmonton area, and they are very susceptible to Black Knot - a disease that causes the tree to rot from the inside. As the tree continues to rot, the signs of weakness are not always obvious to the homeowner. Then when a big windstorm comes up, the tree falls over and can land in some very inconvenient places!

Our customer had a mayday tree fall across their driveway. Their tree was badly infected with black knot. With black knot on the rise in the Edmonton area, accidents like this are going to become more and more common.

You can mitigate this risk by having a tree assessment performed by a local tree professional to identify disease or other factors that may make it fall. It a tree is weak, it's much more cost effective to have it removed before it falls on your house! Got Stump provides tree assessments free of charge.

When a customer called with an old spruce tree that had been hit by lightning, we showed up very quickly to have it assessed. Lightning strikes can cause cracks or areas of burn in the trunk that can make it susceptible to falling. This tree had significant damage from the lightning strike, and had large cracks through the trunk. We assessed the tree as hazardous, and had it removed right away. Smart homeowners!

  • A tree knocked over by a storm
  • A tree that was knocked over by the storm and infected by Black Knot
  • A tree branch that shows signs of Black Knot infection
  • Black Knot infested tree
  • An old spruce tree that had been hit by lightning

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