August 18th, 2017

Julia has been with Got Stump Inc. since the beginning and her image graces the main pages of the Got Stump Inc. website for good reason!

Meet Julia

You can make no assumption from Julia’s small frame that keeps in shape with frequent yoga classes (we still don’t know where she finds the energy to do this). It is not uncommon to find her caber tossing massive logs over 6-ft fences and dragging brush out of customer’s yards like a bull on steroids. Julia is your all-in, let’s-get-it-done employee.

And we don’t even need to watch her in action to know this. Out of all the compliments we get, Julia produces the most frequent callback: “Who was that girl on the crew?! She works harder than the guys!”

Yup. Not a surprise to us.

Yet Julia is more than your ultimate hard worker. When it comes to the art of pruning, she is second to none. Not only does Julia have more than a decade of pruning experience from the City of Edmonton, she can easily identify other tree companies by the pruning cuts they leave in their wake. If you want pruning done right, you want Julia on your property.

And if that wasn’t all, Julia is also well-versed in stump grinding and leaves behind neatly placed shredded piles of stump mulch in her wake, wielding around a 700-lb machine with ease.

She is another employee we are excited to see grow!

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