July 21st, 2017

Keryl is not an arborist you judge by her cover. Behind the manicured nails and quiet disposition, Keryl has climbing spikes on her steel-toe boots and is packing a chainsaw on her waist. Cross her and you might be caught in a web of her arborist knots—that’s 30-plus ways for you to become entangled.

Meet Keryl

An Olds College graduate in arboriculture, we discovered Keryl self-training, climbing poplar trees in her own backyard. That’s an employee with a passion for trees!

Keryl is highly skilled in pruning and is currently training under our senior climbing arborists, learning to rope and rig the biggest and baddest of tree limbs to the ground, as gentle as a feather.

We anticipate that Keryl will complete the International Society of Arboriculture exam in early 2018, achieving her ISA certification. We’re excited to see what she unleashes when fully trained!

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