August 11th, 2016

Days may be numbered for real estate developers and private homeowners who want to easily remove trees from their private property.

The City of Edmonton is considering a bylaw that would restrict tree removal on private property. The bylaw would be intended to protect significant trees in the Edmonton area.

If this bylaw is passed, it could make it hard for anybody who wants to remove a large tree on private property - whether it be for safety or just to improve the look of the lot and plant the proper trees to beautify the area.

Real estate developers who are either developing new neighbourhoods, or working on infill lots could find it difficult to turn their building plans into reality if certain trees can't be removed. The developer would need to apply for a permit to remove a tree, which could mean costly delays, even if the permit is approved. This means the removal of hazardous trees, or even trees in the middle of a lot could be subject to city approval.

Similar bylaws have been passed in other cities, including Vancouver, and they are sometimes passed with very little notice. Although it's unknown if this bylaw will pass in Edmonton or not, there's talk of it being discussed in the fall of 2016. If you're considering removing a tree (or trees) to beautify a piece of property, this summer could be your last chance to do it at all, or without having to wait for a permit.

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