October 2nd, 2017

Paul found us in 2016, wanting to learn to become a climbing arborist. When we examined his resume, and saw words like “initial attack crew”. . . “rappel into forest fires”. . . “helicopters, high angle rescue, vehicle extraction and wilderness survival training”. . . we only had a single comment…


Meet Paul

Paul quickly learned the ropes of climbing in 2016 under Hector Perez Veral, another Got Stump Inc. employee from the United States with amassed experience from multiple tree companies across North America. Under Hector’s impressive mentorship, Paul became the fastest student we have seen to date. After only a single year, Paul could bring down the most difficult of trees and fell in love with the challenge of it. He is also passionate about arborculture, taking every International Society of Arborculture (ISA) course in a matter of a couple of weeks and passing his exam after only the first attempt. That’s rare!

One of Paul’s best qualities is his attention to safety. Risks are always calculated and the most challenging situations tamed. With Brad at the Helm of Got Stump Inc. looking to turn the tree services industry on its head, Paul is the counterbalance, ensuring that all new ventures are performed safely.

Meet Paul

It doesn’t stop there though. On top of his talents as a tree takedown artist, Paul is also very skilled in tree trimming. He makes the most unloved trees glow with beauty, and at times you will find him salvaging beautiful pieces of trees for his home decor.

Don’t be surprised if someday you get a chance to look in the trunk of Paul’s car and see a skateboard (he’s pretty good apparently!), a collectible chainsaw, and chunk of beautiful wood. Paul is a true renaissance man of 21st century!

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