March 10th, 2015

Knowledge is good! Once you've booked your stump removal appointment, there are a few things you may want to know to make sure there are no surprises the day of your stump grind.

  • We may remove a fence panel or gate to increase our efficiency or if your yard has difficult access. In stump grinding this is not very common (10% of the time). We always carry two machines: one is 29.5 inches wide and the other 36" wide. Most gates are 34 inches or greater. If a panel or gate is removed we will replace it when finished, back to the way it was. If you wish to remove a panel before we arrive to make our entry and exit extra quick, this will allow us to extend you a discount.
  • Please ensure all breakable items (lawn ornaments, etc.) are removed from the workspace area. We reserve the right to move items if we believe they are in jeopardy. However, if we fail to see a sensitive item that was not removed and the item(s) are subsequently damaged, Got Stump Inc. will not be held responsible for repair or replacement.
  • Please ensure all decorative rock (gravel, shale, boulders, etc.) is removed approximately 1 – 2 feet away from any stump. Clear in the direction of the nearest structure (house, fence, shed, etc.), not in a circle around the stump. Regardless of how clearing is done, any attempt is better than none!
  • If we are grinding a stump nearby decorative rock, the wood chips can get into the rock. We carry a blower to blow back the chips, but if you have a “zero- chip-in-my-rocks" policy, it's best to cover them up with tarps and pin down the tarps with heavy objects. The stump grinder generates a lot of wind turbulence.
  • Utmost care is taken to protect our client's property, however some scuffing to grass can occur when turning our track-mounted machine. However, this is not permanent and the scuffed grass area self-repairs in short order.
  • Please inform us of any valuable plants that are within close proximity to the stump removal area (approx. 2 feet). We always strive to not affect any nearby plants (and we're pretty dang good at it). However, if you have an extra special and sensitive plant nearby, please relocate it temporarily to allow us to do our job successfully.
  • Please inform us of the location of irrigation lines/heads. We will not be held responsible for damaged not clearly marked. Irrigation lines and heads are inexpensive to repair if you are unsure of the line location and damage does occur.
  • We remove the stump core and every major surface root. Usually stump cores are up to 12" deep then break up into roots. For us to remove every root, we would have to grind out most of a homeowners yard. If you wish to replant a potted tree in the same place as the stump, please inform us. You may wish for us to leave the hole instead of back-filling it, making it easier to replant. And if you find something that is in your way of replanting, even if it is next year, we will come back without charge to do a touch-up.
  • We can only grind deep where access is good. As an example, if a stump is touching a fence, we may be only able to remove it cosmetically (so it can't be seen). If the fence panel is removed, we can completely wipe out the stump.
  • We do two types of grinding if a new tree is to be planted in place of the stump. Please read the following and let us know if you are after a caliper grind or a standard grind:
    • Standard grinding (what we do on every job) allows for a new potted tree to be planted. These trees weight about 50 lbs, are sold in a 5 gallon pot or less and cost anywhere from $50 - $150.
    • Caliper grinding has us grinding down to 2 feet and three feet in diameter (in the shape of a cone). This allows for a caliper-sized tree to be replanted. These trees weigh approximately 750 lbs, have a 2-3 inch trunk diameter, are more mature and typically cost $350 or more to purchase. An additional fee of $100/stump is added to every caliper grind requested.

That's about it! If you have any additional questions or concerns ahead of your appointment, please contact us.

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