July 1st, 2016

Here at Got Stump Inc. we receive number requests for tree pruning quotations. Our staff can take a tree that has had very little attention and beautify it immensely. When a customer allows us to prune every tree onsite to be in harmony with the yard, the before and after is like night and day. Other homeowners will look at your yard and say, "Wow! That's well taken care of!"

This past year we have had the odd customers call and ask, "Why is your quotation for pruning higher than the competitor's quotation?"

A good way to think of pruning is comparing it to a haircut. When making the decision to get your hair cut, where do you choose to go? Do you just need a simple quick fix and not care too much about the end result, choosing a $15 haircut? Do you maybe spend a few more dollars and go to a well-established and trusted hair salon and spend a bit more, or do you seek that perfect stylist/barber, develop a relationship with him her and become a lifelong customer?

At Got Stump Inc. we are the latter type of company. We set our pruning sites toward growing the most beautiful trees on your property. Even though you are not obligated to continually use our services, we prune for health and beauty, envisioning the future growth and appearance of your trees. We want to prune your trees in such a way that our future visits will not require much work at all (a touch up!).

Does such a level of service mean we are more expensive than our competition? No. It simply means that all pruning services are not equal, just like all hair salons are not equal. If you want a few branches cut quickly and cheaply, we certainly can do this. But for us, our goals in tree pruning follow the following process to take place:

  1. We remove the dead and disease, lowering the stress on your trees.
  2. We remove any hazard branches or branches encroaching on power lines and / or property structures, lowing the risk of you calling us for emergency services.
  3. We beautify the tree through shaping, keeping in mind its future growth pattern and its placement in proximity to other trees and structures in the yard.

In other words, we prune our customers' property like we would prune our own property.

Conceding again the costs associated with pruning, imagine that you have never cut your hair. It's long, unhealthy…a mess. If you walk into a hair salon your first visit will likely cost more than usual. In the same way, many homeowners are in the same situation with their trees.

From a price standpoint the first pruning (if the trees have never been pruned) is the most costly. Following this, trees can go years without another pruning and even when pruning is required at a future date, the pruning is a fraction of the cost of the initial pruning.

Need a pruning makeover to see the true potential of your yard? Contact us!

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