March 23, 2018

As much as Got Stump Inc. would love to pretend to be your Alberta Arborist Hero, sometimes trees have to go.

Homeowners and many landscapers do not visualize the mature size of a tree when planting, and issues arise. Fences are pushed against, roots get underneath concrete and cause it to heave, branches severely overhang into neighbours’ property. Some trees bear too much fruit, are severely disease-prone and die (got maydays anyone?), are susceptible to poplar bore (goodbye beautiful aspens), or sucker and destroy lawns.

These circumstances are unfortunate because they are preventable. But when those mistakes do occur, the trees have to come down.

One of the most troubling issues Got Stump Inc. has witnessed over the years is the fate of the tree trunks. Most tree removal companies cut the trunk up and leave it onsite to ultimately be split and burned as firewood. Elm is the exception: due to the Dutch Elm Disease provincial law, the wood must be disposed of in a landfill.

But trees have an unseen side to their beauty: the inside.

Take a look at this apple tree for example, all the the colour inside, its history:

Apple Tree

Why would a person dispose of such a beautiful thing? It has so much potential. Even when most people would assume a tree’s wood is useless, it can often be made into something incredible. Here, for example, is a table a customer made from a mayday tree.

Table from a mayday tree

Over the years, Got Stump Inc. has received an increasing number of requests to purchase logs, or thin slices of logs we call “cookies” (maybe don’t eat them though).

Last year, in the interest of being a more responsible tree services company, we decided to begin harvesting the urban wood we remove. Valuable wood is now directed to the Heartwood Mill, right here in Edmonton. Our tree removals are milled into inspiring, artisanal pieces of wood and dried quickly in a specialized kiln that eliminates warping and cracking.

Trees now have a new opportunity for life, be it in the hands of a woodworking artisan or a homeowner who wants to build something special, something unique, something with a story – a story that is worth passing down to generations to come.

Harvested urban wood

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