Working for Got Stump isn't your average job.

It's got plenty of great perks, but we don't just let any monkey with a driver's license on our team (although that would be impressive).

If you like bananas too, here's why you should apply to Got Stump:

  • You want to start a career at the front of your crew, where people follow your lead.
  • You don't want to just work for a company. You want to be the person that is a cornerstone in building the company.
  • You're more talented than the person beside you (it's ok, take a look).
  • You want to exercise that talent and do things in the smart, innovative & safe way that only you are good at.
  • You see solutions, not problems. We listen. We adopt. We drink beer. We reward.
  • You like free breakfast with the weekly meetings and free beer during month end meetings (who wants meetings at “the office?").
  • You like a good workout under the sun.
  • You'll work your tail off in the summer so you can sit your tail on a beach in Mexico during winter.
  • You want to work with a team you trust with your life, a team that's there for you: fun, professional & free from substance use.

So if you think you've got what it takes to earn the rewards of working with us, send us your resume. We'll keep it in the vault for six months, and if you're qualified, you'll be hearing from us. And thankfully not in the scary, Godfather “busta your kneecaps” kinda way.