Tree Service Technician

This is a highly technical job that requires a high degree of rope work, rigging, pruning and tree knowledge. Skilled climbing arborists are very hard to come by – particularly those with a great experience.

Having experience felling trees in the bush is a skill best left for the bush. If you think you might have the right skills because you climbed trees as a kid, watched some nature shows and once worked in bucket truck, you can be sure that our climbing audition will leave you needing a change of shorts. If you know you have the skills and want to work for a company that has a strong sense of purpose , we will gladly bring you out so you can impress us with your skill and to see if your personality is a good match for our teams.

To fit in you must:

  • Be positive… even if you missed your morning coffee.
  • Enjoy serving others by pushing into overtime to get the job done. You want to be a customer service hero. You like knowing clients can sleep better at night now that the tyranny of another hazard tree has ended.
  • Enjoy early mornings, hard work, and getting dirty so when you come home at the end of the day, your partner feels sorry for you (or mom, if you still live at home). Go ahead. Take that cold drink and hot meal they present you with at the door. You earned it

Some cool assets you might bring to the table?

  • Mechanical aptitude. Love it. Knowing when a machine might not be sounding quite right and in need of some "wrench-love" is a sensitivity we like to see!
  • An interest in training others and continuously learning – even from someone less experienced (we all have something to teach, don’t we?)
  • An interest in helping build a company from the bottom up, giving your suggestions and feedback on how things could be done better. (Yes, you really would have a leader that listens and considers innovative suggestion.)

Interested? Read our Careers page then apply!

Want to be at the bottom of our applicant list? Simply send us a standard resume and cover letter, just like every other applicant.

Want to be at the top? Wow and dazzle us with who you are as a person. Tell us what interests you about working for us. Be innovative and creative. Be you. If you make us smile or laugh consider yourself at the top of our "to interview" list.

Starting Wage: $27.15+

Work Location: Various

Address: 11251 180 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5S 0B4

Experience Required: 1-2+ years and completion of high school

Phone: (780) 945-1937

Please email resumes to