OK, so that tree isn't actually supposed to be ON your house. Ouch. It's alright, you can slowly get out of the fetal position, and give us a call.

So you woke up to find a tree (or part of a tree) where it shouldn't be! Got Stump is available for emergency tree removal when you need us. You can count on us to get there quickly and remove the tree safely for you. Sometimes when a tree falls, it can be in a dangerous or precarious position. Someone with experience and the right equipment is necessary to remove the tree safely and with no additional damage to your property. Depending on the needs of the situation, we can chop and remove the entire tree from your property, and even remove the stump if you like.

Trees rot from the inside, and some naturally develop cracks over time. There are subtle signs of weakness that the average homeowner easily misses. If you own a poplar, maple, mountain ash, mayday or willow - don't let El Niño test your trees. Remove your hazard trees before Mother Nature does! She's about as effective as Dangerous Dan Tree Services from Kijiji!

Give us a call and we'll come out for a free tree assessment. We'll take a look at your trees and determine if any of them pose a danger or have cracks that would make them vulnerable to falling in a windstorm. We'll give you a token you can keep and show us to get 15% off emergency tree services - no expiry. Why? Because emergencies are stressful enough. We've got you covered.