Got Stump is proud to be participating in the City of Edmonton's Root for Trees program, whose goal it is to increase tree planting in the city.

For every tree removal project we complete, and for every stump over 16" that we grind, Got Stump will donate 10% back to Root for Trees. Each tree to be planted costs us $4.25 – so you can imagine how quickly this will add up! So, every time you work with Got Stump you’re helping to make Edmonton a more beautiful place. You cut down a tree, we plant a new one. See what we did there?

About Root for Trees

Root for Trees collaborates with businesses, residents and community groups to plant trees on both public and private land. By planting tree and shrub species that are native to the Edmonton area, the goal of the project is to naturalize and beautify places sometimes considered as "waste" areas (roadsides, open spaces, etc.). Their target is to plant an additional 16,000 trees each year, and it’s our goal to help them do it!

Check it out! Got Stump was profiled on the City of Edmonton's website for the work we're doing with the Root for Trees program. We're happy to be recognized!

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