A tree stump is like the last guest to leave at a party.

You might find yourself thinking: "What are you still doing here, tree stump? Why don't you just go home already?" Well, Got Stump has been crashing parties and sending stumps where they belong for over 10 years. If your stump is in the Edmonton Capital City region, consider it warned.

The stump removal process is simple:

  1. First, the tree is cut down to a stump. Don't worry about the exact height of the stump; as long as it doesn't present a danger, we'll trim your stump down to the appropriate height for grinding, usually free of charge.
  2. Hedges and shrubs should be cut down to one foot to ensure you don't have to do any pick up afterwards (shrub branches, not feet).
  3. Also, make sure you've removed any decorative rock from around the stump or hedge prior to removal; flying rocks + windows = bad.
  4. Once all the prep work is done, it's just a matter of bringing the appropriate grinder in to get rid of that stump once and for all.
  5. Once we've ground out your stump to a depth of up to 2 feet, the wood chips are then filled back into the hole. It's up to you to decide if you want to cover with top soil, replant, or use your grindings to test your theory on how much wood a woodchuck can really chuck.

Tree stumps can usually be removed within 1–2 business days of accepting a quote, with same day emergency service available in extreme situations. Upload a picture of your stump to get your quote as soon as possible, or you can call or email us, as well.