A few words about Got Stump...

"The service was excellent, and I will HIGHLY recommend you guys."

- Reid, via Email

"Thank you so much for the great customer service and the great job."

- Lori, via Email

"Thank you. Your gals are amazing. Thanks. I have already told
a few people about your company."

- Teresa, via Email

"I wanted to thank you for your prompt, professional service today. I am so pleased to have both stumps gone, especially after waiting almost a month for another company that left behind suckers on one stump and couldn't access the second stump with their tank-style grinder. You did the job without damaging our landscaping and sprinkler system, and then thoroughly cleaned up by raking and blowing the debris off our lawn and deck. I really appreciate that. Your price was competitive and I will certainly recommend you to friends and family. Thanks again."

- Claire, via Email

"Let me also say how impressed with were with the two women, Nancy and Julia (I believe), who came to remove our tree. We found them to be extremely competent and professional and based on our experience with them, we will recommend your company to anyone we know who needs your services."

- Nat, via Email

"So everything to do with Got Stump was amazing and great! We had lots of people in the neighborhood asking for contact info for your company."

- Lori, via Email

"Thanks for a job well done."

- Mati, via Email

"I would like to say that we are very pleased with the job you guys did. Thanks so much."

- Don, via Email

"My experience was flawless! Within the same hour that I submitted my request online I had someone who communicated with me. They let me know exactly what was going to happen and how. The communication with this guys was outstanding and their service went beyond my expectations. Rare these days that you can fin such a service! Without a doubt I would recommend you to do business with this company, an example to follow for all the others."

- Yurick, via Google Reviews

"I can not believe how fast and efficient Got Stump was. Brad was very friendly and I was impressed with the quality of service and the price. I highly recommend them!"

- Josh, via Google Reviews

"Thanks Brad and crew for the great job of my tree removal. We had a tall green ash tree shedding seeds and leaves plugging the eavestrough on our two story house. They did a great job, strategically taking down this tree preventing damage to the house, and the deck below. Branches went straight to the chipper as they came down. Everything neat and tidy when they left. Good job. Thank you."

- Kim, via Google Reviews

"Great from the first call to request an estimate from the owner, to the pruning and clean up of the elm tree by 3 professional and courteous employees. Easy to deal with. Home owner worry at ease, they carry WCB and liability insurance! Would definitely recommend them and call them up for future jobs."

- Amanda, via Google Reviews

"We have used Got Stump Inc., on numerous projects. Brad and his employees have always been on time, they are fast and very efficient, do a great job, and have always been able to accommodate any thing we need. We will continue to call Brad and his crew for anything that we need in the future. I highly recommend you give them a call."

- Mike, via Google Reviews

"The equipment used is top notch and the ensurance of a satisfied customer is also first on this companies list. The owner is personable and there to ensure that we were satisfied with their service. We were more than satisfied."

- Dawn, via Google Reviews

"Contacted Got Stump to finish off the remains of the forest I had chopped out of my back yard last year. They were prompt, professional, and knew what they were doing. Did the job fast and left the yard in a neat state."

- Joshua, via Google Reviews

"With just over a week before the new owners of our house were to take possession, a large branch on a tree in our back yard broke in a thunder storm. The branch was still attached being supported by the lower branches. You could see a crack running down the trunk.

Having used and been happy with Got Stump in the past we sent them an email to see if they could help us. Brad replied to our email even though it was a Sunday and they were closed. Brad went out early Monday to look over the tree and recommended that the tree should come down. We agreed. The tree was between our house and the garage next to a large deck with glass railings. A crew was out the next day and took down the tree WITHOUT INCIDENT.

The arbourist showed me where the tree had been, at one time, struck by lightning and over time weakened the tree, causing the branch to break and the crack down the trunk during the storm. A couple of days later Brad came and removed the stump. A big thank-you to Got Stump for helping us out in a crucial time of need."

- Paul, via Google Reviews

"What an EXCEPTIONAL experience. Called Tuesday, the stump was removed Wednesday. Brad the owner has fantastic customer service skills. Claudette in the office was also great to deal with. Got Stump exceeded my very high expectations. If you need a stump removed make sure that you call no other company. I will be recommending Got Stump to all my friends. Thanks for a job well done, so greatly appreciated."

- Gord, via Google Reviews

"Outstanding, outstanding, outstanding! Hector climbed our tree and had it down faster than any bucket truck! Couldn't believe his skill in the tree. We've had other companies in the past, but this was unreal. On the ground Julia and Paul were incredibly hard workers, happy to perform the work and so knowledgeable answering my questions. Made me want to take down every tree in my yard just to see these guys work! Then, a day later Brad (the company owner) showed up with the remote control stump grinder...our kids watched in amazement out the window. Simply fascinating! I wouldn't look further than Got Stump for all your tree needs! "

- Carl, via Google Reviews

"These guys did a great job and were very professional will call them again for the next damn stump, and the price was much better than digging it out and no sore back great job guys"

- Sandy, via Google Reviews

"We couldn't be happier with our experience yesterday with Got Stump?. We were having some dead or dying trees removed from our back yard, and in some places the work area was pretty tight. The team that came out were so professional, and really knew what they were doing. There were no mistakes - everything went entirely as planned. They also showed us what to look for in the trees we still have, so we will know if/when it may be time to have them removed. And they showed us the inner part of the wood and explained what was killing the trees they had removed, for our better understanding. We had originally planned to have 6 or 7 trees taken out, and when we added 5 more to the job, they were happy to take the extra trees out on the same visit. They cleaned up the work area as they went along, and even raked debris out of our neighbor's yard when there was a little bit of 'fallout' that landed on their side of the fence. (They asked the neighbor's permission before felling the tops of two trees into their yard.) I watched the whole operation from beginning to end, and observed how they always put safety first, never took short-cuts, and always watched where the people were around them. They also saw to it that there would be as little damage as possible to the trees and shrubs that were close to the work area. The crew were so organized and everyone knew exactly what their jobs were. They really appeared to love what they do - there was no grumbling or complaining - they were very professional. We will use Got Stump? for all of our tree removal needs, and highly recommend them to everyone! Also, aside from just chopping down a tree, they also have the equipment to completely grind out the stump and root system, essentially leaving the area completely ready for any kind of future use. Brad and his team were a pleasure to work with, and observe in action. Thank you."

- Corianne, via Google Reviews

"I am so pleased with Brad and his crew for the great job they did with the removal of 4 very large trees in my front yard. Brad was so communicative and professional and I was 100% impressed with the competence and work ethic of his team. John and Julie were friendly, helpful and happy to be working! My yard was transformed in 4 hours!! I would not hesitate to recommend Got Stump - amazing service all around!!!"

- Jocelyne, via Google Reviews

"We had a very large blue spruce removed and were thrilled with the removal. The crew did an amazing job removing the tree and removing the stump as well as all surrounding large roots. I would recommend them to anyone and their pricing is very reasonable."

- Linda, via Google Reviews

"The crew who came from Got Stump to take down huge trees in our yard were efficient and clearly knew what they were doing; they worked well as a team, controlled falls of large tree pieces with angled ropes.

All the while, they were a pleasure to listen to; chatted happily with each other, laughter could be heard throughout their work, and few bars of singing in lovely Spanish.

Neighbours commented that it was an unexpected pleasure to hear laughter from work crews in the treetops, and the yard, while work was being done."

- Sarah, via Google Reviews

"I have used Got Stump on two different occasions to grind a total of 3 stumps, shape a large lilac tree, and remove a huge birch. Each time I received a very prompt quote that was surprisingly competitive, a team that showed up on time and worked efficiently, professionally, and extremely clean. They bucked up the tree for firewood and cleaned up the branches so well that I have yet to find so much as a stick left behind. I recommend this company highly to anyone requiring this type of service!"

- Sterling, via Google Reviews

"Excellent experience! Did an online quote, Brad responded quickly with a price that seemed very fair. I told them to proceed and 2 days later Shawn showed up and was very professional/personable. He checked with me after the job was done to make sure I was happy. Got my bill emailed to me a few days later, the exact amount of the quote. Would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone!"

- Bob, via Google Reviews

"From the estimate to the final work, these guys were thorough. We didn't have the easiest job for them (three trees wedged into a small space between an old garage and a tall fence), and unfortunately had to change some details as the removal date got closer. Got Stump was able to accommodate, and all the interactions were prompt and professional. We compared several prices for the same job and they were quite reasonable. If you're like me, you're probably just looking to get the job done, and these guys will be more than capable of that, but it's the extras that have me taking the time to do this review... from their estimate form to all of the interactions, this business has an awesome personality. I really appreciated that. Plus, the payment! They couldn't have made it any easier. I got the bill via email after the job was done and was able to pay it online! I would definitely recommend Got Stump to anyone looking for similar work."

- David, via Google Reviews

"A very professional organization. They honour the quote which was lower and verbal than the second written quote which was in writing. I had to change the work date by one week it was done without any problem.

The crew showed up on time. They know their work and the trees. The placed was left in immaculate condition. They did some extras without any extra charge and very willingly. A professional crew."

- Kuldip, via Google Reviews

"We recently had three large trees trimmed in our backyard. The Got Stump crew did an outstanding job and went out of their way to make sure we were 100% satisfied. They left our yard and deck exceptionally clean. We have had these trees trimmed every few years by three or four different arborists, however, the Got Stump folks provided the best value for our money and arrived within a couple of days of contacting them."

- Gordon, via Google Reviews

"Always the best experience with Got Stump. From Brad to Shantelle, I always know exactly what to expect. Great people, great service."

- Mitch, via Google Reviews

"killed my elem Not happy"

- Sandy, via Google Reviews

"We love trees, and we cringe at the thought of cutting one down, but when it became necessary to remove four large aspens, we called Got Stump. Brad Helm gave a very reasonable quote for the job and suggested a much needed pruning of one of our chokecherry trees. Three of the aspens were in a very constricted space, so a Teupen lift (one of only three in Alberta) was used to facilitate the work. The crew (Paul, Julia, and Carol) completed the job in a careful, professional manner. Emi did an excellent pruning of our chokecherry and even suggested some books on tree care. Everyone, from Shantelle in the office to Brad and his crew, was personable and willingly answered the questions that helped us through the ordeal of tree removal. Got Stump will definitely be the first company we call for any future work with our trees. Don & Kathleen, Edmonton Alberta"

- Kathleen, via Google Reviews

"Needed to remove two pest ridden overgrown trees growing too close to the house, too big of a job for me personally. Received 3 quotes, Got Stump was neither the most expensive nor the cheapest but Chantel was extremely friendly and professional on the phone so we went with them. Their crew showed up right on time and dispatched of the two 50 footer with ease; I have never seen grown men climb tall trees that fast before. Although their skill was not a surprise to me, I was a little surprise by how all three men were clean, courteous, and polite. As requested, they left some firewood for me, the crew took the extra time to stack all of the firewood in two neat piles. I would definitely recommend."

- TY, via Google Reviews

"Would definitely recommend Got Stump Inc. to others. Used their services several times on various projects, staff are very professional, experienced, and they have competitive prices!"

- Jill, via Google Reviews

"Would definitely recommend Got Stump Inc. to others. Used their services several times on various projects, staff are very professional, experienced, and they have competitive prices!"

- Jill, via Google Reviews

"Would definitely recommend Got Stump Inc. to others. Used their services several times on various projects, staff are very professional, experienced, and they have competitive prices!"

- Jill, via Google Reviews

"Three crew members came out to our home to cut down two very large trees, one in our backyard and one in our front yard. They were so pleasant and friendly. They operated like a well-oiled machine. They let us watch while they took the trees down, and it was so interesting to see! Great job. Great cleanup as well! Would recommend Got Stump to anyone in need or tree removal!"

- Meghan, via Google Reviews

"We had an old stump and roots to be removed in our yard. Got Stump responded quickly, did a great job, and were friendly to deal with. And the price was very fair. Highly recommended!"

- Megan, via Google Reviews

"Fantastic service that was above and beyond! I put in a request through Homestars and Got Stump responded quickly (onsite quote within 48 hours), the crew that came to take the above ground foliage was awesome and Shawn (the stump removal guy) did a thorough job. After each crew came, they checked in with me that they got all the right things then cleaned up. Payment was easy and completed online and was an extremely fair price. I've recommended them to others with nothing but the highest accolades!"

- Trina, via Google Reviews

"We had an emergency during a storm. Got Stump responded quickly and did a fantastic job. They were very tidy and we were able to enjoy our yard again right away."

- Callie, via Google Reviews

"They did an excellent job. Polite, courteous and great work. Last week we had a massive Spruce tree to come down, they had it down and cleaned up within 2 hours. My kids were watching from the window and Carl even made them a little stump chair. Great guys, it's like they were never here. Cleaned up after themselves, didn't tear any lawn up. This week they came to grind the stump out and same thing, polite and great work. Cleaned up all the shavings and refilled the hole. Love these guys, would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an arborist."

- Michele, via Google Reviews

"Best experience ever! We waited over a month for a different company to remove our very large tree with several split tops, which caused damage to our neighbour's house during the last major storm. Got Stump Inc. did an estimate the same day I called, and removed the tree 2 days later. Friendly, knowledgeable, professional, safe, efficient. The quote was very reasonable, actually a bit less than the other company. Highly recommend!"

- Rachael, via Google Reviews

"We had a fallen tree because of a storm. Called Got Stump and Brad came out to give us an estimate for tree removal and stump grinding. His crew came out the same week and removed the tree. They left neatly cut trunk pieces that I have used for seating around a fire pit. The following week his crew ground the stump into oblivion. Brad addressed the concerns we had about cleanup and we are happy with the results. I recommend Got Stump, Brad and his crew did a really good job."

- Andrew, via Google Reviews

"We had a mountain ash tree stem come down during a very cool rainstorm. I phoned Brad at Got Stump and he was there in 20 minutes, gave me a very good quote and we had the work done the following day. I can only say this was an exceptional customer service experience. Brad was great to work with and his crew were just fantastic. They showed up, worked hard and did a great job. All of them were professional, knew their jobs and did them extremely well. I can't say enough good things about this company other than please hire them if you require their services. You will not be disappointed, its a pleasure to recommend them."

- Neil, via Google Reviews