Often overlooked (like mom jeans at a thrift store), tree pruning and trimming is actually an important part of tree ownership.

Tree pruning and trimming is done for a variety of reasons:

  • To reduce stress on the tree by pruning the dead parts out of the tree. Note: this doesn't work with zombies.
  • Shaping for beauty. So you can finally put down that Thighmaster.
  • To lift the canopy so you can finally mow under that *#$% tree!
  • Properly pruning a fruit tree can even translate into sweeter fruit. Nothing funny about sweet fruit.

Many people don't know that tree pruning can be done during the winter season. In fact, winter is often the best time to prune your trees and shrubs; there are no leaves to contend with, and the tree has withdrawn into dormancy, where it reads lots of books and grows a long beard. This makes the cold months a prime time to trim those trees and shape those shrubs.

Be aware that in some cases pruning and the removal of trimmings may be governed by law. In Edmonton, Elm tree pruning can only be performed between October 1st and March 31st to help protect against Dutch Elm disease. Elm removals can be performed any time, but the wood must be removed immediately. It cannot be stored for use as firewood. I know – much like a parent chaperone at the grad afterparty, Dutch Elm Disease pretty much ruins everything.

Visit the City of Edmonton's Elm Tree Trimming Guidelines for more information about elm pruning and Dutch Elm Disease.

Got Stump is unable to prune overhang from trees on neighbouring or city property. Sorry if that ruins your plans of pruning your boulevard tree into a huge Marge Simpson. Please visit the City of Edmonton's Website for information about your available courses of action in the event of overhang.