Because pruning and trimming causes stress on the plant, it's important that the job be done right.

When it's done wrong, the plant can suffer a nervous breakdown, complete with chain smoking and calling their mothers constantly.

Pruning a plant is about more than just cutting off a branch here and there; the quality of the cuts is important as well. Our skilled tree whisperers / arborists are excellent at ensuring that your tree will get the attention it deserves.

Tree pruning done right is all about:

  • The quality of the cuts. It's not just as simple as cutting off a branch. Otherwise your brother could be an arborist. And we both know how that would turn out.
  • Using the right equipment. Like nail files and tiny scissors.
  • Having the eye to properly shape a tree.
  • Knowing the point of no return for when a tree needs to be pruned versus cut down.

Much like a grandmother at a beer drinking contest, pruning trees has its limitations. Sometimes customers request that we prune off more than is healthy for the tree. We respectfully request that the expertise in pruning is left to the arborist. If further pruning is desired, it may be possible in a subsequent visit, likely the following year.

As part of our commitment to proper pruning, we won't top a tree. Topping is the act of removing the topmost portion, leaving a flat-topped tree that looks much like a 1980s rapper. Not only is topping unsightly, but it's also hard on the tree, and is not a service that Got Stump offers.