Unless you've got a punch card for ambulance rides or are OK with a tree trunk skylight, you'll want to leave tree removal to the experts. Preferably experts of the arborist variety.

There are plenty of reasons to remove a tree:

  • Their roots can get into sewer systems, wreaking all kinds of unfortunate havoc.
  • Unhealthy or storm-damaged trees can fall on your cat (or other things you value).
  • For yard landscaping or beautification purposes, for those with an HGTV habit.
  • Severe surface roots can lift and damage concrete, ruin your lawn, and forget to file your taxes on time.
  • Diseased trees pose a risk to other healthy trees in your yard and neighbourhood. Plus, they look gross.

Once you've decided it's time for your tree to go, give us a call! You'll get a quote within one or two business days. Upon acceptance, our skilled arborists will be on-site to remove your tree in 1-2 weeks.

Your tree will come down in 12" to 16" pieces, with larger pieces broken down into more manageable sizes. Branches are removed and sent through a chipper so you'll never see them again. As a bonus, the remaining firewood is left behind for your personal use. We can also have the firewood removed at no cost to you. Just let us know what you’d like to do.

Please note that due to the ease of spreading Dutch Elm disease, elm trees that have been taken down cannot be stored or used as firewood. We will remove all elm wood from your property and dispose of it properly at the eco station. This service is included in your quote.

Sorry, we can't take down that tree on your boulevard – that's public property. Please contact the City of Edmonton for complaints and concerns about public area trees.